Tube integrated amplifier
“The Universal”

Developed specifically for headphones and high-efficiency speakers such as horn speakers, our compact tube integrated amplifier, “The Universal”, features three switchable inputs, providing ample connections for your playback devices. Not only that, it is also universally compatible with any additional devices such as streamers, CD players, and tube preamplifiers, including “The Phono”. Featuring the timeless design synonymous with audioCulture, “The Universal” integrates seamlessly into our tube amplifier product line.

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4.890,00 €

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Product details of the tube integrated amplifier

“The Universal” tube integrated amplifier can be configured in black, white, or anthracite at the specified price. Alternatively, on request, we can paint your product in other RAL colour tones. All devices are custom manufactured to order, which means these bespoke, artisanal creations are not available from stock. For more detailed technical information about “The Universal”, click here to access the product configurator. You can also arrange a product demonstration at one of our audio partners, AES in Kassel or Musikkammer in Willich.

  • Compact integrated amplifier
  • 3 switchable inputs / source selector
  • Class-A triode power stage
  • Extremely low-noise output / wideband transformers
  • High-quality, low-noise potentiometers (sliders)
  • Low-noise circuit
  • Suitable for wired headphones, including particularly low-impedance models, e.g., AXION
  • Suitable for high-efficiency speakers

Exceptional sound experience due to low noise

Every component introduces sound colouration. That’s why using fewer components of higher quality can significantly improve your sound experience. Thanks to our collaboration with various German manufacturers, we only specify components of the highest calibre, however, for an exceptional listening experience, reducing noise is also crucial. To this end, “The Universal” employs motor-controlled sliders and low-noise broadband transformers as well as a circuit board with a double copper layer and gold-plated traces. This allows for an exceptionally powerful sound profile and ensures long-lasting, uniform sound transmission by preventing copper layer oxidation. Finally, long-term stable audiophile capacitors and our proprietary integrated power supply enable decades of consistent musical enjoyment.
Combine “The Universal” with our tube preamplifier “The Phono” for a truly inspiring sound quality.

Why do I need a headphone amplifier?

Headphone outputs are available in most playback devices, yet from a circuitry perspective, this output is often woefully neglected, such that the music does not fully express its pure sound. A tube headphone amplifier is therefore the perfect choice to bring your favourite songs to life, reproducing music with exceptional precision thanks to its high-quality and minimal number of components. As a result, it produces a sound quality that you just cannot achieve with built-in headphone outputs.

An amplifier for music enthusiasts

Tube integrated amplifier
“The Universal”

Product configuration tube integrated amplifier

Please note that according to § 312d para. 4 BGB, there is no right of withdrawal for custom-made products. By confirming your order information, you acknowledge that production will commence immediately after payment and it is therefore impossible to change or cancel the order after this point.

Product features

7 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD) 23×13,2×32,8 cm


RCA connectors

Bluetooth 5.0 24-bit

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4.890,00 €

incl. VAT. Includes 780,76 € VAT (19%).

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