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“I guarantee you decades of high-quality, top-notch music enjoyment. Expand your Hi-Fi world with an audioCulture tube amplifier – a premium sound experience for discerning music lovers.”

Diethard Kumpf, CEO & Engineer

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audioCulture - CEO Diethard Kumpf's Portrait

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Exceptional sound is at the core of audioCulture. The tube amplifiers open up entirely new dimensions of listening. The avant-garde design and the unique technical concept of the tube amplifiers add another elegant product to your audio world.

Preamplifier “The Phono”

Vinyl lovers experience particularly pure music enjoyment with the compact phono preamplifier “The Phono.” You can choose the suitable color appearance of “The Phono” yourself. This high-quality tube preamplifier harmoniously integrates into your living space, whether placed horizontally or vertically.

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Tube Integrated Amplifier “The Universal”

“The Universal” is our compact tube integrated amplifier. It is suitable for headphones and speakers, particularly in smaller rooms. With “The Universal,” you can connect it to various other devices, such as the phono preamplifier “The Phono,” a streamer, tuner, CD player, and even use the Bluetooth option for mobile devices.

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Sound purity achieved through the use of a few, exceptionally high-quality components

Amplifier Craftsmanship
from Kassel

About Us

We not only rely on the interplay between traditional craftsmanship and technological progress but also on flexibility towards customer requests. With our production in the Kassel Amplifier Manufactory, you as a customer can also influence a device that is custom-made for you. We carry out this with high precision and high-quality standards.

Amplifiers with Family Tradition

The father of the company’s founder, Diethard Kumpf, already built high-quality tube amplifiers out of passion. He recognized early on that using a few, exceptionally high-quality components makes the music sound particularly authentic. That’s exactly what we consistently implement in all of our tube amplifiers.

Handmade in Germany

Many individual parts are prefabricated by German craft businesses. The final processing takes place in Kassel. Each amplifier is handmade – from painting and soldering on one hand to assembly on the other. Decide in advance on the visual design of your personal unique piece. Additional technical highlights can also be added during the ordering process.

Strong Partners

Together with our esteemed partners, we are shaping the future of first-class sound and setting new standards in audio technology. We are open to further collaborations and look forward to advancing innovations together and enriching the world of sound.

Unique Music Experiences On-Site

Meet Us…


On which events and trade shows can you meet us in person? What topics are moving us? Here we provide insights and exciting impressions from the industry. You can find more videos on our Youtube channel.

World of Headphones 2023

This year, the High End Society dedicated a separate exhibition to headphones. audioCulture presented the new generation of the tube full amplifier “The Universal” and the new preamplifier “The Phono”. The organizers of the World of Headphones were also excited about the location and the response.

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Strictly Analogue Forum Moers 2023

Just in time for spring, the Analogue Audio Association organized its Analog Forum in Moers. Once again, it became clear how much significance vinyl records have regained. With our tube preamplifier “The Phono,” listening to music becomes even more of an experience.

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Analog Symposium 2022

Join us at the Analog Symposium in the Van der Valk Hotel in Moers. Learn more about the passion and dedication of audioCulture. The manufacturers are trying to revive the experience of playing vinyl records in a digital world.

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